Front Panel /Keyboard - Crusander II or Commando
Repair or Replace your front panel or keyboard
crusader II keyboard crusader II _2 crusader II_3

Keyboard of the Crusader II is shown here.  There are different  Mylar panels to the Crusader  or the Commando, but they use the same keyboard.    Note the Estop has been removed on Commando panel.   Shown are examples of two front panels with the LEC keyboard attached.  If you look carefully you can see the edge of the card on first 2 pictures.  The  Crusader II L is original.   When mounted in the enclosure, only 2 edges show, and they are well secured.  There are many of these in the field and we have yet to have the LEC replacement to fail. 


Keyboard we add to your existing front panel

pc card

PC card

Sometimes the problem is in the large green  PC card  (printed circuit card) mounted behind the display.  When you call us we give FREE consulting over the phone.  When we determine where the problem is , we have you ship the card that is causing the problem to us and we can fix or replace with working card and return to you













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