Quality Engineering and Controls for More Than 25 Years

Lynn Electronics Corporation (formerly known as Electronic Consultants Inc.) was founded in 1976 as a consulting firm for electronics and motion control.

LEC originally specialized in helping client companies engineer and design a variety of products - including AC and DC motor controls, bang-bang servo-controls, and closed loop DC controls. While working with these clients, LEC recognized a significant need in the factory automation market for a low cost generic computer numerical control (CNC). In 1984, the company installed the first version of its own CNC.

LEC moved to North Carolina in 1985 where it has continued to develop and improve products and is now applying its engineering expertise to marketing and installing its own innovative controls in turnkey and retrofit projects.

LEC has more than 450 CNC controls installed throughout the USA - including laser cutters, water jet cutters, EDM, mills, lathes, robotic palletizers, glass cutting, cloth cutting, quilting, glue laying, stone cutting, foam cutting machines, and "flying cut to length".

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